Monday, 25 March 2013

eating in madrid


So, Doug and I are really rubbish tourists. We do not like to do typical touristy things when we travel. We are all about the food. I suppose you could call us Food Tourists. 

Madrid was nothing special as a city in our experience. I had been twice before so I had a few places I wanted to revisit.

Starting with Nebraska: they have the best croissants and chocolate!!! i went when i was 6 years old and absolutely looooved them. 

We ate there about 4 times in the 3 days we were there.

We also enjoyed a few cheeky drinks throughout the day!

some Sangria of course, and a corona for the boy.

Now this drink was SOOO yummy. We stumbled upon a very posh little hotel bar called Glass Bar. And this drink is Rum, Vanilla sugar, and berries flamed! it was so delicious.

we had lots of free time so Doug decided to treat himself to a proper cut-throat shave. 

my bread was overly moist from the mayo, so i took it apart hehe. Jamon Serrano, with mozzarella and tomatoes. delish!! 

We found this place called Mallorca and couldnt help ourselves in ordering literally everything yummy that we saw. 

For our first night we went to dinner at NO. It was very cool and hip and the food was up to par. The service was a bit too rushed but we still enjoyed our time.

a bottle of bubbly for celebrations


Bufallo Mozzaralla with some jamon serrano and sundried tomatoes.Ole!  

We decided to go for a midnight snack to San Gines, for some churros con chocolate. 
The chocolate is so thick it wasn't very difficult to get a tash!

We made some friends because of our silly mustaches and we ended up having dinner (at La Barraca, traditional paella) with them the following night. They were an adorable Canadian couple and we just clicked really well and had lots of fun.

Madrid sucked pretty much, but we made up for it with food, siestas, drinks, and new friends.

oh and of course I had to throw in some mexican food whilst there!!!


Thursday, 21 March 2013


I love reading peoples blogs, so I decided to add a bit of my own life to the world of blogging. I am embarking on a journey back to my hometown of Miami in a month. A week after getting married I moved over to England with my incredible hubby. It has been a non stop 2 years and we are so ready to settle down in the warmth and have some colour on our skins! I will do flashback posts of my last 2 years along with my amazing story of how I met my love.