Thursday, 10 October 2013

Fall Fashion

I have to say Fall is potentially my favourite season. Yes I absolutely love summer but growing up in Miami basically means Summer all year round. Autumn weather in South Florida can be pretty nice, you can still wear light clothes but sometimes you get a nice night with a cool breeze that you just cant help but love. When I go on my Instagram I do get fashion envy from seeing my UK/NY friends wearing scarves, jackets and boots.

Fall fashion is just perfect. you can get trendy without worrying about freezing outside or melting! I used to love to plan a NYC trip around this time of year. Literally just to change my wardrobe hehe.

This is one of my fav styles. A Monochrome jacket, black skinnies, boots, and a winter fedora. So chic yet trendy.

This is more of a quick evening outfit. Simpler yet perfect.

This is just right for the Miami Fall. A light sheer top to keep you cool, with boots and a fedora to sort of mix and match normal fall with Miami Fall.

How stunning is this Blazer Dress?

This has South Florida written all over it.

Ugh I need to go shopping!

People think we dont get any seasons down here but if you have big trees in your yard, you see ALL those leaves falling. Leaving you to do a lot of raking! So dig in your closets and explore your Autumn styles. I know its still beach/boat weather but I can imagine soon enough we will get that little bit of fresh air we need by this time of year. 

Happy Fall!

*these pictures are not mine, sight1, sight2


  1. Hopefully you don't weat the hat!

  2. miss you. and love these outfits.