Tuesday, 14 October 2014

A Dam good time. Part 1- UK

I feel so ashamed that I have left it this long to write. This seems to be how I start most of my posts now because I have slacked on making time for this. I truly love to blog and keep you in the loop of what is going on in my life. We recently took a two week trip back to England and Amsterdam. So I guess I can start there! 

To start off our trip on a high, we got to finally use our miles for upgrades. This always seems to be impossible but finally there were available first class seats for us. The new AA 777-300 is really a rather glorious aircraft.

I did not want the flight to end. Sadly it did. But, England was fabulous. We were blessed with glorious weather, as per usual for us. Sunshine every day, warm days, cool nights. Truly a perfect British summer. I bought some Burberry wellies in hopes to enjoy them on a rainy day. However I was not granted any rain to be able to debut them. Not a bad thing!!!

We started the holiday with a lunch date in London with Mum and Angela. We wanted to take them on an adventure to a favorite place of ours. I did only just blog about it last time so I won't talk about it too much. Sushi Samba. To sum it all up they loved it. And we loved showing their palate something different.

I have now transformed Angela into a sushi eater!

Mum shocked us with the news that she had never been to see the Crown Jewels. So we saw this as the perfect opportunity.

Obviously had to have me some Mr. Whippy

Our purpose for this trip was Marias wedding, it was a beautiful gathering and we really loved seeing everyone. We had a family picnic in Henley the following day and then the day after we ran a 3 mile spartan race in Cambridge. 

We found this huge scenic field. Naturally, we thought it was a photo moment.

 Before (clean)

After (filthy)

I fell in love with Cambridge. Having had the chance to live in a beautiful area on the UK I thought I got to see most of its beauty. Cambridge instantly made me realize what I had missed.

We cleaned up as well as we could with the cold hose water. I pulled my hair back in a tight wet bun. We walked barefoot back to the car. Finished getting ready in the field. Let me tell you, after doing three of those races already you would think I would get used to the mud....but no way. It really is just gross! Anyway, I think we looked pretty dapper for not having a shower.

Our Punter, David

The weeping willows, the breeze, the history, the buildings, watching the sunlight dance over the water...this was truly a magical place. I don't know if the weather had a whole lot to do with it, but it felt like the most peaceful glorious place I had been to in a long time. So much greenery surrounds every bit that isn't a building. The tourists punting themselves along the river. Trying to master the art. Usually failing. First, I recommend you take a day trip to Cambridge if ever you find yourself in the UK. And lastly, you must take a private punting tour. A majestic place I must return to.

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