Monday, 20 May 2013

Im in Miami Bitch....

MIA!!! We made it after a long awaited move. Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since we arrived. It has been a whirlwind of activities and leisure so far. Every one keeps asking us if we are happy, or if we have settled in well, or if we miss England. Well of course we miss certain things of England but then again its only been 2 weeks!!! Do you really miss home while you're on holiday??? I don't! So ask me again after a few months and i'm sure I will give you a different answer. We are currently living at my parents house, so for a long time it will still feel like we are just here for a bit. 

Anywho, its been so fab getting to see my friends and family. The first saturday we had a big Pig roast BBQ. Everyone came, everyone ate, and everyone drank! It was just so great to catch up and have a laugh.

Our Pig: Angela (RIP)

So Miami is one of my favourite places in the World. It has a lot to offer. Yes there are a lot of not so great things too but find one place on earth that is 100% perfect and let me know! 

The social side of life here is beyond active lol. Seriously. At any given time on any given day you can find somewhere to go and people to meet up with. It's slightly overwhelming after living in Reading for 2 and bit years. I think Doug and I will just need to find a balance and learn to say 'no' to people if we want to save money for a house. 

Miami's Beaches:

It is just a place you will have to visit yourself to grasp its greatness. Being born and raised in Miami you would think one would get used to its beauty, but every time you drive down Ocean, or over the bridge onto Key Biscayne, or go to the beach you just find yourself in awe for at least a split second. honestly, every time! It just does not get old. The sky line from the KB bridge is glorious. Here are a few Miami skyline pics. (courtesy of google images):


(Miami Dreams by BES Films)

We have already been to the beach 3 times and our last visit was a totes cray beach fiesta. hehe. We were actually on the sand till nearly 8 pm. It was one of the best beach days I have had in a long time. 

Overall, its been a pretty frikkin awesome 2 weeks. I caught up on my long lost foods I've missed and set up my station at work. Doug began work today full time and he was so excited. Great times await us. I am thrilled to keep you all up to date with our adventures.

Some Royal Palm Grill brekki:

OMG we found a British section at Public!!! Dougy wont go missing too much now =)


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