Monday, 27 May 2013

Mental Memorial Weekend

OMG.....This Memorial Weekend has been insane.

I am outright exhausted, but it was incredible. This was Dougs first ever Memorial Weekend and he had the time of his life. As of Friday night we have been non-stop. 

Memorial Weekend is supposed to be in honour of all the people who have served for our country. However, the fact that we get Monday off instantly triggers the party bone in most people. Especially in Miami. The Miami mind is a ridiculous party animal that wishes to frolick through pool parties, boat days, night clubs, and anything that involves music and alcohol..... it strives to live every moment spent out of the office to its fullest. Embraces free spirit and new friends. This weekend challenged that mind and released it to play!!!!

 Erika and Karly love a bit of a photoshoot. We went to Brickell to find a venue for E's birthday and decided to take some cute pics hehe. 

After a long day of work on Friday, we headed to Mary Brickell Village for a night of boozie fun. Doug went ahead of me, I went to Britt and Kaylas for some pre drinks. When we arrived, my dear husband had been half way through a Brother Jimmys Trash Can.... starting the night strong Dougie!!!

Saturday we got invited to a pool party.... at one of Miamis most beautiful ocean view homes!!! And let me tell you, that was one heck of a party. I brought little Erika along with us for some fun in the sun.

check that out!

My Chikki and the view

Doug did his first 'shotgun' (get a key or something sharp and pop a hole in the bottom side of a can, then on 3 you all pop the top and the beer comes flowing into your mouth. once you are finished you throw yours down so they know your done!)

Even Britt made an appearance! 

 Pink Champagne was popped.

Champagne was poured form up high

Of course that WHOLE day in the sun wasn't we got home around 9 and quickly showered and changed and headed out to meet up with Dougs new BFF Ron.

Back to Brickell we went. This time ending up at Taverna Opa dancing the night away.

Jason, Lawrence, Doug, and Ron

Doug and I got our dance on up on the tables

And dear ol Doug just having way too much fun!

After getting in around 2:30am, I had to be up super early to work a last minute wedding Sunday morning. I am not the kind of person that functions well without sleep so I am not sure how I managed to do work! I was so happy with how the girls turned out. The Bride looked stunning too. The wonders of my career is that I can go about my life doing all the craziness, yet I can make someones special day that much better and memorably beautiful.

Doug picked me up from the Brides place and whisked me away to see my long lost friend Leonor and her husband Frank. Pool and Churrasco... perfection! Our catch up was divine and we stayed till nearly 8 pm just sat by the pool enjoying the sunset. 

Luckily, Doug was finally exhausted so that evening we did nothing!!! Just watched the game and got some dinner with friends. Very chill.

Monday = Boat day! Our first boat day of the year and we had such a gorgeous day. 

Amber, me, Kayla...Amber is an old friend from school that I havnt seen in over 2 years!


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