Monday, 25 November 2013

Christmas Preparations

If I learned anything about the holidays while living in England, it was preparation. I swear they start promoting Christmas by September. It was very strange at first but it slowly becomes part of your holiday prep. So as November came along, Doug and I started buying each others gifts. This way our expenses don't creep up on us out of no where. I can imagine when you have children starting in June isn't even enough time! So I am happy that we are practicing lol. 

The first week of November Doug started bragging that he already had some of my gifts so this instantly set me up to get on it. It is Thanksgiving this week and I am all done with his stuff!!! Hooray. Mind you, we like to spoil the hell out of each other. So trust me starting too early is never a bad thing because then in early December I can focus on buying for the rest of my peeps. 

Doug has established a Gift buying list that is pretty genius. We are one of those silly couples that has too many special days all between two weeks of each other so it is a crazy expensive time. We have Christmas, then a week later is our anniversary, and a week later is my birthday! Poor Doug =) and he knows better than to do a mass gift for all of them together hehe.

Categories for buying for your partner:

1. Clothes- shoes, handbags, dresses, gift cards to stores etc

2. Electronics- Easy one. Camera, iPod, ipad, phone, new video game etc

3. Tickets- to any form of show or sporting event or anything that involves a ticket 

4. Jewelry- pretty easy one...

5. Smellies- Fav perfume, new lotions, expensive anti aging creams (wishful thinking?), anything Jo Malone would be fantastic hehe...

Ok so if you were a little lost this year or haven't even started thinking about Christmas, maybe this will guide you a little! 

And boys, no woman likes getting just one gift of xmas....Its the one time of year that you can spoil her without feeling like its too much! Remember online shopping exists so there are no excuses these days for saying you were too busy. Have a wonderful shopping experience.

The great thing about getting the shopping done early is that you can enjoy December without the stresses of rushing to the stores with all those insane Christmas shoppers. I personally cannot stand being amongst headless shoppers, its like they have no clue whats happening around them, so save the stress for something that deserves it. Bring back the cool fun christmas spirit!!!


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