Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Thea Pizzeria

It seems that dining out has been a big trend for us Vineys lately. Friday night we went to a lovely little place in the health district of Miami...Doug has really made it a point to meet a lot of British people in Miami. I'd say he has succeeded. One of them being Thea. The owner of this lush, little pizzeria. However, Pizzeria it was not.

As you arrive there is complimentary valet parking. This small restaurant has floor to ceiling windows lining the front, with dim romantic lighting. A long bar lines the back wall with a gigantic mosaic of flowers behind it. If you really stop to look at it you see just how incredible it is. Thousand and thousands of tiny tiles covering a  very large wall. On this evening they had a live band playing some sexy brazilian beats. I couldn't help but sway in my seat.

This particular night that we went was Supper Club. It is an invite only dinner experience. Thea assigns your tables with your name hand written on it. She greets you at the entrance and tells you to find your table. It is a very intimate setting. Only about 40 people can dine at a time so you can imagine. 

Once we sat, Thea brought us over some prosecco with strawberries, followed by the bread with some spreads. So far so good i'd say.

After having a look at the menu I instantly got my regular "too many options" panic. My brain cannot process a decision when I am being offered Mozzarella, Butternut Squash soup, Four Cheese Ravioli with truffle, Prosciutto etc!!! As Thea came to take our order, my indecisiveness was very clear. Let me tell you, this woman is what every restaurant owner should aspire to be. She said "Oh I will just bring you three choices!" instantly content with this my entree choice was mush simpler. 

The portions are small, I assume because we were going to be eating three courses, so the Mozzarella and ravioli didn't really deserve a picture (also we finished it so quickly I almost forgot hehe). It was real italian Mozzarella. If you have never had the real deal then I am truly sorry for you!

I had her bring me whatever wine she wanted, and I can truly say it was one of my most enjoyed glasses of wine to date! I am not much into wine but this one was extremely smooth and went down a treat. (Cantele, Primitivo Red, 2011)

Now, as I wrote once I love cheese pizza. Because if someone can make a good simple Pizza then i know they've got it going on. However this time I went with a twist.

Mozzarella, tomato, basil, with truffle oil drizzled over....stop and imagine that for a second.....yes

I wish I could capture the essence of this glorious dish and pass it on through my blog. I guess you will just have to go try it for yourselves. Nothing smells better to me than truffle in my food mmmmm.

Doug went for the lamb chops. Boring compared to my amazing cheesy heavenly truffled pizza.

To finish off our tastebuds we ordered some strawberries and cream, and the chocolate cake. The cake doesnt normally come accompanied by ice cream but I have a dessert rule that all cakes or pastries must be blessed with a side of ice cream. So salted caramel won. What a combo! They truly complimented each other beautifully.

We will certainly be returning to try out a regular evening. Or maybe even lunch! Please grace this lovely little place with your presence and try my pizza!!!


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