Monday, 13 January 2014

Miami...Behind the Wheel

I have been meaning to write about this for a while now. With the holidays it was at an all time high. So now that it has calmed back to its prior less shittier version I can write about it without rage.... Miami

That is the topic of today.

If you are from here then you completely understand where this is going and what it is like to experience it first hand. For you who don't live here, I will try my best to give you an accurate description of being on the roads here.

Driving along, minding your own business, cars lined up in front of you. With no warning you are forced to slam your breaks with hopes the guy behind you is paying attention as well...the kind person in front of you just decided to turn into  the street WITHOUT a hint of warning. Thank God for break lights because if they didn't exist, the amount of accidents that would happen would be way higher. I have come to find that Break lights are the new turn signal. The only thing that could make sense as to why a person would just ignore their turn signal would be: texting! Or in a worse case you are missing your left hand and cannot easily access your which case I hope you are not texting!!! Some of them even signal the wrong direction haha. How about when they put the turn signal but never turn? Love that one! 

Still on the turning topic....why do people turn at 3 miles per hour? I want to know its purpose. I used to think it was only really old people but it seems to be a super trend around here with most humans. It just aggravates other drivers and could easily make someone rear end you! So just turn in and don't be scared! you can always turn back around -__- or how about you get off your phone maybe and then you can access all of your senses and let your brain focus.


I have always known driving here is pretty crappy. But with how overpopulated we are getting it has gotten so much worse. Which is why people need to pay extra attention now. I am in no way a perfect driver but I try and put my attention to good use when I am on the road. Driving a car is extremely dangerous and cannot be taken lightly. Caution and awareness are your best friends when on the road. Also consideration for others, you are not always the only one in a rush or frustrated with the drivers. Road rage is not the answer. Practice patience and meditation when feeling worked up in your car. Especially those of you with commutes to and from work.

I count myself beyond lucky to get to live so close to work. My mornings are stress free, I don't hate the world when I get there, I don't need to check the traffic updates ever. I wake up happy with plenty of time if I want to eat or just chill. Or I can sleep in if I prefer....ok I will stop...

What I am trying to say is maybe people with full time permanent jobs should look into living close to where they work...It will make their life so much more peaceful and happy. Also it saves a lot of gas! This is easier said than done, but it is possible. You choose your happiness. 

Always remember: IT CAN WAIT

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