Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Barley and Swine

So I found another little piece of pork heaven a little closer to home. Downtown Dadeland area is still very up and coming, and with this little southern style craft beer selling gastropub, it is about to get much more popular.

The night before Valentines Day we decided to do our dinner night with my parents instead of trying to find a table on the friday night anywhere decent. So we stumbled upon Barley and Swine. Now, I love anything involving swine hehe. So naturally I knew I would love this place. From when you walk in you can feel the coziness and family owned vibe. To the left there is a whole wall of Craft beers on tap (which seems to be the craze these days). We were pleasantly greeted, and got a table almost immediately. The restaurant is small so I would recommend reservations. The kitchen is almost arms reach from the tables which is quite exciting. I love the hustle and bustle of people cooking. Also there are "sushi bar" style seats running along the whole front of the kitchen for a quicker 'in and out' lunch time experience. All of the staff (men) have full on beards which comforts me. Bearded men just seem to know a lot more about cooking meat than anyone else. Hahaha.

A bit of a random fact, but I noticed the music they play is rather awesome. So take a listen when you are there!

Now to the food!!!

So for drinks, they have wine, beer and champagne...I love that they incorporate bubbly. 

We started off with Croquettes:

Serrano Ham, Manchego cheese, and a guava sauce $9

Good, but I think would be better if they maybe made four smaller balls then two big ones. The flavors were delicious, just the texture is too soft (since its so big) if you like the crunch of the outside of a croquette like I do.

Pork Cheek 'Vaca Frita':

Delicious!!! we could have devoured another one for sure. But one was a good amount for the four of us.

The boys got their beers and exchanged a few comments about them. The beers are served a few degrees warmer than usual because it changes the flavor. Ask your waiter about the science behind it, they are very good at explaining it.

They kindly sent us over their take on brussel sprouts. They were a hit. Topped with an egg and mixed with many other things I can't really tell you because I do not know! However the flavors were fabulous. I personally dislike the actual Brussel Sprout taste so I didnt really eat much but altogether it was great.

Sooooo, I am an American girl (for the most part) and Mac 'n Cheese is one of those staples that never gets old.....These people have a different mac special for every day of the week!!! Today is Wednesday and it happens to be Truffle Mac 'n Cheese, so naturally I will be headed there for lunch to indulge in some heavenly truffley cheesy awesomeness.


I am still chasing an amazing Braised Short Rib like the one I had in Turks and Caicos. I found a pretty close one at Chef Adrienne's, but at $40 a pop thats not doable on the reg. So I think I found one that will do as the filler. It is one of B&S's small plates. At only $13.....worth every penny. It is small enough to satisfy ones hunger ::especially after stuffing your face with the previous food:: It rests on a bed of mashed potato and topped with gooey gravy. I am not very American when it comes to next time I would ask for it without the gravy topping.

 It is soft and melty, like braised anything should be. Really great.

Doug got a man burger....called The Hangover Burger:

My dad got a meat dish, that I can't really remember what it was...

I can't speak for this dish, my poor father had eaten two hotdogs prior to going to dinner so he was so stuffed by the time it came out that he can't genuinely make an opinion! Silly man.

My mother opted out of having a main, she just nibbled on our stuff. I would actually recommend sharing everything. There is too much to miss out on if not!

I had to hear what the desserts were. Even though I was beyond stuffed. We went with one serving of the mini churros for the table.

Yummy Yummy Yummy. However churros is not what i would call them. They can only be described as french toast bites? Topped with cinnamon and sugar with a delicious dipping sauce. Awesome sauce.


This was really cute because whenever we go out and Doug asks for the bill he says "what's the damage?"

Your bill is brought in a little envelope with the damage on it hehe.

I hope you enjoy this place!!!
As the folks at B&S say, Praise the Lard!

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