Wednesday, 26 June 2013

5 quick days in D.R

Coming from a mixed family is one of the greatest things in life. You are raised with two totally different cultures under one roof. Yes that could get a bit messy but it has made my sibling and I much cooler people...hah. The American side is incredible because lets face it, USA is pretty frikkin fabulous. The comforts of life here are just so great. Then we have the Dominican side, which is pretty much night and day to America lol. Its kind of like travelling back in time everytime I go over there. It humbles me though. Its a beautiful country with lots to offer. You should visit if you have never been.

Anyway back to my little break in Dominican Republic. I have two cousins on my mothers side who I can truly say are like my brothers. The oldest one had a baby last year and having been living in England, I was not able to meet her until this last week which was here FIRST birthday!!! And what a birthday it was. It was so gorgeous, every little detail. I was actually enjoying it so much I didnt get too many pictures. So I put Erika to work with her cute little itouch camera that she loves so much.

Birthday girl Renata Aurora and moi

Look at those cakes!!! Amazing. The birthday was Minnie Mouse themed. This is not your average one year old birthday party!

My girls

Renatas lucky parents, Chili and Abe

My gorgeous Abuela with the birthday girl and Minnie.

Doug serving Micky some Rum and Coke....Naughty!

My gorgeous date 

Cassidy and Erika being silly with the non stop flow of cotton candy (or candy floss if your English)

My brothers form another mother, Cris and Abe

That other mother, Tia Triny (mamis sister)

This is the Epic Rosa, she has been with our family for so long I couldn't even tell you how long lol. She is probably the best cook ever!!!


As babies do....they prefer the packaging of gifts over the actual gift!

As drinks poured and cannapes were served we mingled with old family and friends we hadn't seen in years and caught up on life back on this side of the pond. Micky and Minnie entertained the children while the adults played. For a Wednesday afternoon, this party was great, once everyone left and just the family was left, the DJ played us some music to jam to. MJ was pretty much all he played so pelvic thrusting was the choice of dance, of course.

After the show is the after party....they say.....but we are lame so we just went out to nibble on some food and enjoy a few drinks and then hit the sack early doors.

So I told you about Rosas cooking, as simple as this little sandwich is, it is never the same if someone else makes it. I dont know what she does!!! Salchichon con juevos. You dont even kno!

And it needs to be pan de agua

We stayed at Abes house so we didnt get too many of these *sigh* 

DR is so bizzarre that they have drive through cerveza (beer) stops haha, this is a novelty Doug cant pass on. Presidente.

Us on the new underground. Fully airconditioned, with lots of police to ensure its safety and its so smooth and simple!! Great new way of getting around the capital.

Shots bar is Desi's go to bar...she owns it in there. So naturally we always find ourselves there on a night out. They play amazing music that you cannot help but sing out loud to. And having the name shots obviously means they have ALOT of different shots! It's small, cozy, and super casual. So you can wear your flats or your heals and party with your friends till late.

We brought in Desi's birthday at midnight. She is 26!!! Cray Cray. We are getting old!

For her birthday we spent the day down at the beach (finally!) Juandolio beach is about 45 min from the capital. Erika and Cassidy were buying jewelery form the looky looky guy. He even customized them for us.

Doug and I couldn't resist a fresh coconut.


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