Sunday, 9 June 2013

A Little Bit of Country

Howdy ya'll! We went to the Rascal Flatts concert this weekend, and it was so much fun. Doug had never attended a "Country" affair like this before. I reckon he rather enjoyed himself. 

Now, a good ol' concert should ALWAYS consist of 2 things: Cowboy boots, and a Tailgate.... Atleast if you are any sort of cowboy. Since we are great posers we succeeded in the necessary. Minus Doug of course because he is way too much of a newb...we let him slide with just a staple plaid button down. 

Lawrence is from England but has been in South Florida for around 7 years now. He is basically a Country concert veteran. Even scoring himself a regular bartender that always serves him much more that he pays for at the Cruzan Amphitheater. Thats pretty bamf even for a Brit. Anyway, he thought it right to take Doug under his wing. 

As you can see, Lawrence has the full get up goin' on. Even with the hat.

Loz apparently learned this interesting pointless/awesome Mid-West concert must.

Slappin' the Bag

Basically this consists of buying boxed wine (ew) and removing the bag from inside. You then proceed to literally "slap the bag" and then chug from the tap! Haha. Geniusly stupid I'd say.

So here is staple number 1 and 2 together. 

My Britty and I showin off our footwear...or atleast trying to.


Doug, totally loving his bag...

As we finished up with our attempt at a Tailgate, we smuggled as much beer as we could inside our lawn chairs. Because no one wants to pay $10.00 for a beer. I was designated driver so I steered clear of the booze.

The Amphitheater has seat options or the Lawn area. We always go for the lawn because it's much more fun, you get dirty and sweaty and really enjoy the sound from way back.... and we got stuck wayyy back. pretty much at the tip top of the lawn. Lucky for us we got a great spot smack in the center. To be honest I prefer having no one behind me because let me tell you, I break it down and I belt out every word I know at the top of my lungs. Whatevs. 

My little Karlyle decided to go last minute so we sat next to her group.

As the night got SUPER HOT, so did we.... we shook our booties till we couldnt do-so-do no mo'. We sang at the top of our lungs. Dani and I constantly trying to harmonize and 100% failing. Honestly it was pretty frikkin great.

Our hair went up, our makeup totally evaporated. Leaving us a hot mess. We embraced the rare chance at being au natural. Living in Miami the pressure is always on! 

Rascal Flatts is pretty important to Doug and I because their song "Broken Road" is our Wedding song. So we patiently waited all night to get all loved up and whisper the sweet lyrics to eachother while slow dancing out in the hot sticky summer eve. It was truly a beautiful moment. Lucky for us, our lovely little Karly made sure to be photographer and captured some cute little photos. 

After we cuddled and kissed we faced the Rascals and sang the words louder than anyone there. Meaning every word.

It was truly romantic. I dont think many people get to hear their wedding song played live!!!

I am definitely biased, but we are one cute couple. =)

I will courteously leave you with a video snippet of my beautiful singing voice:

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