Monday, 3 June 2013

I want that rod to bend over like a Bankok prostitute....

Captain Ken Smith is a very outspoken funny man who has been in the business way too long. We chartered out his 45' Bertram for a half day of fishing.

I was asking the girls what I should name my blog for our fishing adventure and neither one of them could think up something clever or cute. Until Captain Kunta (as he calls himself) yelled down to the boys "I want that rod to bend over like a Bankok Prostitute!!!" the three of us looked at eachother and giggled like little girls and Sabine instantly said "there you go!!!". To our dismay, our rods were not into prostituting themselves that day.

Cyril and Sabine are our family friends from Dakar, Senegal (Africa), they are potentially in my top 3 of favourite couples. My father went to College with Cyril so we have known him all our lives. He would visit us every year. Eight years ago he brought along Sabine to brighten up all of our lives. She was the first woman to tame him so she was given the nickname Chiku (coming from the Chikungunya, which is a virus transmitted by a mosquito). She poisoned him with her love and they were married three years later. Three years ago we went to visit them in Dakar. It was one of the most incredible trips we have ever done. I will do a recap on that soon. 

Anyway, back to our fishing trip! Cyril is a very accomplished fisherman, so it was only natural that he wanted to charter a boat and take us all out. Unfortunately for us there were no fish to catch this day. but it was still a beautifully spent day.

 Going through the channel we got to see all the incredible things having lots of money can get you... yachts, and mansions lined the whole channel until we got out into the open fish-less sea.

Erika loves to take photos on her i-touch, so we spent a good while being posers.

Dougy was feeling right at home surrounded by fishing equipment.
What a cutie <3

I cozied up on the floor of the upper deck, observing the dead sea...we really only caught lame! Luckily we always find ways to entertain each other.

We got to play 'Captain' while the men scurried around the bottom deck, aimlessly trying to catch a fish..something, anything!

Captain Sabine

and then the skies got dark...I found this quite a beautiful sight to be honest.

As women do on fishing trips, we got bored....I fell asleep with sabine cuddled into me.

The boys.
Daddy, Cryil, Doug, and Bertran (i think thats how his name is spelled hehe)

Although there were no fish in sight aside from our little bait, we had such an enjoyable day. I find the sea so relaxing. I love when the waves are big and make the boat rock. Most people find that quite scary but I cant help but feel so light and free. The mysteries of the ocean are so intriguing. It is one of the things I missed so dearly about living away from the coast. A fishing trip is highly recommended to anyone visiting a coastal town/city. Make sure to pack your sickness meds if you get woozy though!

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