Saturday, 14 September 2013

#Caicos Crew day 2

After a gorgeous night sleep in a bed of cloud-like cushion, we could not wait to wake up and get to the main part of the hotel for the big breakfast that has endless choices. Doug and I started every morning with a little beach front photoshoot. (before I lost the flat tummy from eating).

This is one of my fav morning pics.

The butlers gave us their number to call them whenever we wanted a ride somewhere. So off we went with Jonson. He was actually our waiter as well. They pretty much did everything we needed and wanted. Como Shambhala is the name of the Resort. Its very Zen and very peaceful. They have a whole menu based on that. They also have a normal menu for those who dont really care what grain or how much sugar goes into their bodies. So they had a bucket of freshly made smoothies. All with some sort of cleansing power in it.

Before we headed to Turks, we were warned of a hurricane in our path. Lucky for us, our positive energies formed some sort of shield around us to push any bad weather away. We didnt get any bad weather whilst being there. LOOK!

Being on Holiday mode we all decided Pool side drinks were a must. Off we went to the main pool to get our tan on and enjoy fresh made drinks.

Now I will pretty much let the pictures do the talking.

My very own paddle board yoga.

It was time for our beach photoshoot

 Frank and Leo went on a bit of a sail.

Chilling was our goal. To just laugh, relax, tan, eat, and enjoy eachothers company. I think we truly accomplished that. The age difference between me and the rest was alot, but no one could ever have imagined. We meshed so well and I truly felt welcomed as an adult, and not as a kid. We all bonded as well as gave eachother space so everyone could enjoy their spouses.

After a long day of sun, and our daily sunset party at the Villas, we went in to chill before dinner time. 

Dinner was inside Friday night. Doug and I dressed exactly the same without planning it....but since we were on an island I figured it was unnecessary to change haha.

This right here was the best piece of meat I have ever had. Braised Short Rib. SUPERB. I cant even stress it enough how incredible it was. Oh and it came with truffle mash.....yup, I know.

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