Saturday, 7 September 2013

#CaicosCrew Day 1

How do I even begin...

Parrot Cay (pronounced Key for all you tourists) is one of the Caribbean's secret little havens. If God was to create Island resorts, he would definitely make this one of his top 5. One thousand acres of lavish, luxurious, banana plantation, star homes, private villas, enchanted clear watered island awesomeness. Now thats a mouth full to say. But its true. Turks and Caicos is all beautiful i'm sure, but I cant imagine many parts of it even compare to this.

About 6 weeks ago, we realised that our house buying was not going to happen do to mortgage issues, so I sweetly batted my eyelashes at Doug and said can we consider going to Turks with Frank and Leo? My impulsive amazing husband gathers the info and without me even giving him the go ahead, he  booked it!!! Best impulse buy he has ever made, me thinks!

Turks and Caicos is above Dominican Republic. look how close it is to South Florida!

To make everything better, 3 days before our departure, Leo calls me to ask if we wouldn't mind sharing a private house with comes with its own pool, beach and butler.....of course we declined, because who would want to share a house with another couple when you are in paradise?! LIES it was pretty much an instant YES. 

I want to give a massive shout out to Frank for this incredible once in a lifetime experience. He flies a lot for work so he is the upgrade king. 

We are 4 couples in total. Lucky us everyone gets along perfectly. Four days of sunshine, beach, sunburns, drinks, food, water, relaxation, swimming, sunshine, beach...ok I will stop.

So after an hour and a half flight, we took a ten minute van ride to the dock where our knight in shining armor awaited our arrival to whisk us away to our private island of love. The boat ride is about 30 minutes, but it goes by pretty quick.

At the dock you are greeted by a smiling member of the Como staff with eucalyptus infused cold towels. 

To then walk out and be smacked in the face by the bluest clearest water I think I have ever seen.

Upon our arrival to the dock of the hotel, we were greeted by our personal butler. They knew our names and everything. Our bags get delivered to our house, while Jonson drives us in a golf cart to our home for the next few days.

We each had our own bedrooms with full bathroom, and incase you didnt want to take a normal indoor shower, there was a door that led to the outside shower!!! I vowed to only take outdoor showers this whole trip.

We all pretty instantly changed into our bathingsuits and jumped right in. The sun still goes down pretty late so we made the most of our evening. 

The man who made it all possible, Frank!

The boys all preplanned that they would have a different bathingsuit for each day, so these are their first ones of the trip.

After playing in the pool for hours we decided dinner would be at 9, so we had a chance to chill and enjoy our gorgeous bathrooms.

The ladies: Top girl, Brenda, then under her is Leo, me, and Vivian

The Gents: Top left, Al, to his right, Larry, then Doug and Frank.

Al and Vivian
Larry and Brenda
Doug and I
Frank and Leo

Diner was an Asian fusion theme. The menu gets changed every day. Everything was totally delicious. We were all dead from all the travels, so we called it an early night. As we came back to our room our beds were turned down and the lights dimmed to a perfect romantic mood. Total and utter perfection.

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