Saturday, 21 September 2013

Directions from a Woman

It is definitely no secret that women and men have a different way of thinking. I don't really need to get into the details because we have all been through the funny arguments with a man that we end saying 'UGH MEN'. This little post is more about understanding something that I assume most women do...

Scenario: Man is driving, woman is in passenger seat. Woman is giving the directions because man has never been to the 

Woman describes every turn with a 'this way' and 'that way'.

Man breathes heavy trying to not get mad, says 'left or right?'

Woman has to process her left and right for a split second...then blurts Right! I mean Left!

Man just hits brakes and stares at woman with a blank look...

The funny thing is, if a woman is in the car with her girlfriends no one argues about how to get anywhere. It is an understood language of This way and That way. 

Womans logic: Man is in driver seat, therefor he is on the left side of the car. Woman is on right side. In her mind SHE is this way, because this way is closer to her. HE is that way because that way is further therefore NOT her side....duh. So boys, THAT way is left, THIS way is right =)

All the guys have a face like huh?

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