Sunday, 21 April 2013

Da Baddest

Alexandra Thais Bado

AKA: Bado, Zander, LaByro, Labaybay, Aliss

My dear friend Alex turns 24 today. So a Birthday/Friendship tribute is a must. (this will be a common thing on my blog)

Alex and I have been homies since 6th Grade. I cant say it was Friendship and first sight, but I am very happy we ended up where we are!

When Al first started at school I was not up for making new friends because my biffles Aida and Claudia and I were perfectly fine. Slowly but surely I warmed to the idea of adding a new friend to the crew. 

You can see our transformation =)

The Crew "Chubbies"

In middle school we formed this strange love for England. She was the only person that got it like I did. So Oasis quickly became our fav band! 

We always had this strange mental connection, like literally would finish each other sentences and we used to try and guess what each other was thinking during separate classes. She went away for college so we have been apart for the last 6 years. Once I move home we will start working on our telepathic skills.

High School Graduation

Senior Prom
work it
Me and Zander spent a summer together in DR and we partied and worked like crazy. We have shared a lot of growing up experiences and we have just had such a fun friendship. She is someone I can always count on. When she is your friend, she's yo friend fo' life! We are at that point in our lives that we just get each other and we know how to have discussions and disagreements and get over them quick. We can talk about pretty much anything and give each other great advice. Oh and she is honestly one of the funniest people I know. Like seriously funny. She has such a clever mind! I just cant get enough.

We love blondness...and I will soon be her permanent hairdresser!!! 

Bado came to visit me in England and it was one of the best weeks here. She's a great little tourist and getting to be in London together completed our love of England.

Adventure Bar in Central London. We can partay.

In New York for St Pattys day, we went on a random tipsy stroll for some food and stumbled upon this glorious sign of Love! 

I have truly missed having this beautiful little nugget around me. I am so excited to rekindle our love =)

Oh by the way, Alex is Da Baddest B*tch...yep, Trina aint got sh*t on her...

Happy Birthday!!! Next year I am hoping to be there in person!!! 

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