Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Love at first Tequila


Most of us women tend to be suckers for love stories. I do have to say, mine is rather incredible. I will go through it from both sides of the story because those little details are what make it so crazy. We were destined to meet, and someone made sure of it. It always happens when you are not looking for someone. They just waltz into your life all British and hot and completely take over your life! 

So, Douglas Viney is this hot British boy I speak of. 

December 2009

Dougs adventure begins: He set off on a 3 month trip around the world. Going from countries like Australia, New Zealand, China, Thailand, Brazil, Canada, Fiji, to America.

When Doug arrived in Fiji, he got off the boat and was randomly approached by a local.

Local: "hey man hows your tongue?!"

Doug: "huh? 

Local: "Your tongue, you had a hermit crab in your mouth last night!"

Doug: "I just got here..."

Local: "arnt you the SaFa guy?"

Doug: "I'm English..."

Local:" ya, same same." and he walks off.

Doug was caught off guard and just thought WTF???

Anyway, Doug proceeds to the lobby of the hotel and sees this fellow tall, tan, shaved head guy standing there.

Doug: "Did you have a hermit crab in your mouth last night?"

Dan: "how the f**k do you know that?!"

Doug: "someone thought I was you..."

Dan: (he looks doug up and down) "ya I guess I can see that."

heck ya u can see that!

Doug, James, Chris, and Cupid aka Dan
In Fiji

My side: My cousin, was in a rock band for many years. We used to go and see all his local performances in Miami. This particular one was in Tobacco Road (Miamis oldest bar)in the late December.

As I waited for my girlfriends to all arrive, I spotted a group of 4 boys. Naturally, as a single girl I was a little curious...so once the girls got to the bar I mentioned that 4 boys had just gotten in the taxi that was right outside the front door. All 4 of us opened the door and stuck our heads out and as the last boy was getting in the taxi he spotted us. So as 4 single boys would do whilst on holiday in Miami, they got out of the taxi and came back inside.

This is where freaky destiny starts coming to play....why did they get OUT of the taxi that they were already in??? Yes, Destiny is right...

We then convinced them all to join us for the concert. After that was finished we decided to take them to our local drinking spot Coconut Grove. Where apparently my Mustang stood out as one of the vehicles that was transporting them. Turns out Dan was a big Mustang fan!

So the New Year comes along and around mid January I recieve an email from Dan. He asks me if I would mind taking one of his "mates" out with my friends. Having had plans to be going to London at the end of the month I agreed, not thinking much of it. (I figured it was a friend from home...Dan lives in London) 

I go off to London and Switzerland, and then to the Dominican Republic, and it is now end of Feb. I recieve a call on a Wednesday from an English man. Instantly getting my attention. It turns out Doug has arrived in Miami and was wondering if we girls were free for a night out. So we planned to meet that Friday around 10pm. 

Friday ends up being my busiest day in the salon so I was so late to get home and ready to go. I had planned to go with Kayla, Janessa and Tristan (we took a male bc we didnt have a clue who we were meeting!). its now 10:30 and Tristan and I are like 5 min away and Doug calls to see where we were because they were going to leave...boy was he glad he didnt leave! 

I walked in to Waxy O'Connors and I spotted to two guys in the corner drinking loads of Magners. As I approached the table, I kid you not, it was like the world stopped when Doug and I caught eyes. Its so corny and silly to say it but it really did! its a strange thing to try and explain. instantly we hit it off and our chemistry is off the chaiiiinnnnnn. We began to down Magners and take silly pictures. The girls arrived shortly after so our little group had cozied in rather quickly.

After a little while Doug has the clever idea to teach me how to do a "real tequila"

Real Tequila:
1 shot of good tequila
1 piece of lime
pinch of salt
one pair of lips
one neck...

so if you are the one taking the shot, the other person holds the lime in their mouth facing u, u lick their neck and sprinkle the salt on it...

first you lick the salt off the neck, they then pour the shot in ur mouth and you finish by taking the lime out of their mouth with your mouth.... lol

we must have done 10 shots each that night an this is what the night looked like in our eyes!

a bit tipsy here but as u can see we connected instantly 

the lovely Janessa was my partner in crime that night, she got to witness it all first hand

Doug had this thing he was doing where every country he visited, he would get a bracelet from there. Succeeding to do nothing but party in Miami, he failed to find time to get a Miami bracelet. I had one of my hair bands on my wrist and I was slipped it on his wrist almost as a joke. He loved it and kept it!

Im telling u, it was Love at first Tequila

Vancouver was the next and last stop on his trip. I was due to leave around midnight that night because i had work the next morning. We had such an incredible night that my two other friends and I got home at 6am!!! Doug went straight to the airport to just barely catch his flight. When we were saying goodbye, Doug hugged me and turns away...then he turns back and said "Ive never felt this way about anyone!" I drunkenly giggled and sent him off, completely feeling the same thing...

After 7 months of emails, phone calls, texting, skyping etc. We got engaged! and then 3 months later we were married. 

So many people thought we were crazy, or that I was too young (or pregnant!) or not ready. But a saying has never been more real in my life, 

"When you know, you know"

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  1. Oh my GOD!!! I love it, you are so right when you know, you know.
    Big hugs to both of you.