Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Duck and Waffle

Going to nice restaurants is one of the perks of Dougs career. Honestly, they go somewhere amazing all the time. Places us normal folks only dream of! Lucky for moi, Sir Douglas loves a good day out with his wife to a nice restaurant so I have been to many fab places all over.

They went to Duck and Waffle about a month ago, and Doug loved it so much that he instantly booked us a lunch there as a little farewell to London. On Friday we went and ate mucho mucho!

Duck and Waffle

Located in the Heron Tower, right next to The Gherkin. It is on the 40th floor and has an incredible view. I am told it is the highest point in London at which one can eat. The elevator ride up is kinda freaky. It's all glass, looking out into London town. and it is FAST. Very cool but not nice if u don't like heights.

Anyway lets get to the good stuff. As you walk in you are greeted by a nice little hostess. Immediately as you enter there is a very different style bar. It is open with no actual bar around it. It almost looks like a "serve yourself bar" but unfortunately you cannot do that...

My dear husband ordered me a Zombie, which is basically 6 shots of rum and some other sugary stuff. It went right to my head!!!

Cool grafitti and rum posters on the back wall. -btw it was a    rum bar.

After a drink at the bar area (which, might I add, had an awesome view) we were escorted to our table.

Gherkin and Tower Bridge in the distance.

Our waitress was a bit intense, veryyyyy bubbly, very informative about the food, also very opinionated about the food lol. 

The decor was very basic. It kind of felt like a Diner. But the food and the buzz of the people around makes up for it. Oh and the floor to ceiling windows all around. The Kitchen was open so you could see and hear all the hustle and bustle going on which I do love.

For starters we had the special: Buffala Mozzarella with hazelnuts and pesto, accompanied by delicious home made bread.

My pictures are rubbish because they are from my phone and the camera was a bit smudged =( and also I dug in so fast that I forgot to take a pic of the dish when it first arrived to the table all pretty!!

Our next starters were Dates wrapped in bacon, stuffed with linguica sausage and manchego cheese... I know, I know this sounds like heaven. AND IT WAS they were by far my favourite thing I have eaten in a long time.

 Next up was the Hara Bhara Lamb Cutlets, with smoked aubergine puree, and a goat cheese ball. The lamb was great, the aubergine was a bit boring but the goat cheese ball was right up my alley.

The Main dishes are designed for sharing, so you can order a few and everyone gets a little bit of everything. I am a big lover of sharing meals because I can't look at a menu and have my heart set on one thing. Life is too short to not get to try it all! We were getting pretty full by now so we went with the Ribeye. It was 400grams (14oz) so it was a good chunk to split. The flavours were ridiculous, it had bone marrow butter over the top and a radish and watercress salad. We both just couldn't get enough. We actually debated ordering another one because our tastebuds were dancing so much. On the side we ordered some steamed veg and new potatoes.

Now for puddings.....what I always look forward to!

They had these "french toast" like things that were out of this world. They were called Torejas which are from spain. I actually got so excited i started eating it and then realized I hadn't taken a photo of it!! It was incredible. I want to say it was a nice thick slice of bread, in cinnamon, minl and egg (like a french toast) and then it had toffee sauce (my fav) and warm cinnamon apples and ice cream on the side.

This photo is courtesy of their website. Their picture grasps its beauty unlike mine hehe.

Doug got the crispy fried mars bar which was very yummy but nothing compared to mine..

Overall our lunch experience was a delight. The food comes out pretty quick but you dont feel rushed. The service is good, the ambiance is very 'London'. It is definitely a place I recommend. Especially to tourists though, because I think they would appreciate it more. We actually got 2 complimentary drinks because they took forever with my Zombie, so that was a plus. The drinks service does take generally long so just order another drink before you have finished yours ;)



  1. Very nice! Love it. Thanks for sharing.
    Love ya,

  2. You ate all that?!? Ha ha.

    Torrijas looks AMAZING.

  3. I've heard so many great things about this place. The food you had looks great. I'm going in a couple of weeks time and can't wait!

    Definitely going for the duck main course. :)

    Caroline x

    1. Thanks Caroline! I hope you enjpy it as much as I did.