Friday, 12 April 2013

Sibling Day

Sibling Day:

Apparently yesterday was Sibling Day so lets just pretend this was posted yesterday!! hehe.

I have 2 sisters and 1 brother. Desi is 18 months older than me, Jimmy is 4 years younger, and our little charm Erika is like 9 years younger!!! She was obviously a surprise for everyone (especially my parents) but life without our little Chikki just wouldnt be the same. 

We are a very silly bunch of kids. Ever since we were little we have just been massive goofballs. Probably because both our parents are just as silly and crazy. They have never been scared to show their child sides =) Our upbringing was very laid back and just so fun. We would spend around 2-3 months of the summer in Dominican Republic with our grandparents (my mothers side is from DR).

Samana, DR


Cousins wedding, DR (sorry but that is one good looking family!)

So first goes Desiree Marie:

AKA: Dudi. 

For starters, she's a Doctor! So cool. Dedication at its finest.

Desi has always taken her roll as Big Sis very seriously. She took so much good care of me as a kid and we were inseparable. Filming videos, making up dances, playing with our barbies. You name it, and we did it. Always together! Growing up together was the best. At 17 she moved to DR for med school, so that was when our lives split up. However we always just pick up right where we left off. She's a lover of Pinterest, Ultimate Frisbee, anything with makeup, fashion, youtube, I could go on. She is also one of those people you hate bc she eats anything and everything she wants and still looks like this......

I mean seriously???

she doesnt take a bad picture, even when shes posing as a mexican viking lol

she is also half my size!!! no one ever believes she is the eldest. Shes like bite size. So cute.
I cant wait till we can live in the same city again.

Athlete!!! shes such a baller. Oh and one final note, Desi is Always right =P 

Next up is the only boy James Joseph:

AKA: Jimmy, Mimiyo, chiquitin

Jimmy is such a poser!!! He loves to play it cool for the camera. He is one of the funniest people on this planet...hands down. Having him as a brother is the best because when we have any family gatherings I know I can just sit in a corner with him and be entertained. He is now in med school in the DR which sucks bc whenever i'm home he's not there. Poor Jimmy was basically raised by women, my father was at the beginning of his doctorness when Jimmy was brought to this world so he was working loads. Also he was born only 2 days after Hurricane Andrew. 

Jimmy is an Athlete, as well as an intellectual human. He is too smart for his own good. He is also a super romantic:

He has this thing with his hair, hes always enjoyed it more on the longer side, and this is his current hair status:

its actually longer than that now, his goal is THOR!

Hes pretty bamf, and not just saying it cuz hes my brother

Last but certainly not least Erika Margaret:

AKA: Chikki, chickendilla, Urkel

come on...isnt she just the cutest!!!

Erika is the baby of our family, she is basically every ones child. She is now 15 which is insane. Erika is SUCH a goofball. I mean, I am extremely goofy but she takes the cake. She has NO shame at all and is extremely confident. A few years ago Erika got a tumor on her Thyroid. This was a horrible time for everyone but she took it as if it was no big deal. Her positive attitude helped all of us get through it. She had the Tumor removed leaving her an unfortunate scar across her neck. You would never even notice it because she is just not bothered. Erika just takes every day as it comes without stressing over anything (kinda like me!) She sucks right now bc she's too preoccupied with her High School life so I can never have proper conversations with her....boring. 


AHHHH what a cutie

She is in her first serious relationship.....Fredo is a super cutie and he totally adds to her awesomeness. I cant believe how fast she's growing up.

So I am very blessed to call these 3 my siblings. My parents have done a swell job at raising us to be so close. We get over any fights or obstacles so easily. Its kinda weird sometimes. But its great. I hope to one day have a family like mine!!!


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  1. Loooove it!!! Very cute!! And yes..., you do have a beautiful family!! Always thank God and your Angels for this AMAZING blessing!! ;-)