Monday, 1 July 2013

Joe is 30

 Friday night was a celebration for Joseph turning 30. Aida is one of my oldest friends (around 13ish years) and Joseph is her brother. As friends growing up we all became very close with eachothers families, so when I heard Joe was turning 30 I instantly thought WOW.....I am getting old! haha. 

The birthday boy is the third one in from the right. His do was a small gathering with delicious finger foods and way too much free flowing champagne going around ::I sure felt it the next morning:: I got to catch up with my girls, and see all the parents I hadn't seen in a while. 

My gorgeous Claudia 

Me with the birthday boy and Aida

Josephs parents surprised him with the top Dame Edna impersonator...she was very entertaining and added spice to the evening. We all gathered around as she spoke about Joe and made jokes about as many people around the room. She then went around mingling with everyone for a little while. It was truly fabulous.

As the drinks flowed, so did conversations and catch ups. At any Wright event you are always guaranteed to see a certain group. Its so nice because you know it will always be a good time.

I decided to become the Merengue teacher. I taught this young man how to impress anyone with my special moves.You give me music and I will dance till I make a fool of myself!

I love this picture! 

The youngens took the party outside where the heat was ridiculous, but we kept ourselves fresh with some more champers and mojitos.

Doug trying to channel his inner Dame Edna

Quick story about these ladies: We call ourselves the Chubbies. One time Aida was writing a text to someone saying she was hanging out with us and she wrote 'i am with my bitches' but her auto correct took over and changed 'bitches' to 'Chubbies' forever dubbing us The Chubbies. So me, Bado, Claudia, and Aida are Chubbs for life. We always try and get a good picture in but a sequence of randomness always happens.

Cheers to a fabulous gathering by the per usual.

Happy birthday Joseph! 

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