Sunday, 21 July 2013

Morada Bay Full Moon Party

Around 3 years ago my family and I went on one of many spontaneous adventures down to Islamorada in the Florida Keys to stay at our neighbours vacation home. It just so happened that it was a full moon weekend. This meaning only one fantastic thing.....Full Moon Party at Morada Bay!!! If you have never been to a full moon party down there, I recommend you get your family or friends together and book one of the monthly weekends for a few days of fun in the sun and dancing under the Moon. Here is the website with dates. 

So now for my recent escapade back that way... 

Mid week Doug and I decided we would go down there on Saturday. My lovely friend Kayla and her bf Andy had never been to a Full Moon event and Andy just so happens to have a house in Key Largo (around 20 min from Morada Bay). This all being so convenient we packed our overnight bag and headed on south. We got down there around 5 in the afternoon. Giving us time to just relax and soak in the beautiful late afternoon. The breeze was just right, the mozzys weren't too hungry, the sun was low, and we just loved every bit. 

Kaylita is on of my besties. She and I have done so much together so it seemed appropriate to get one of these weekends under our belt. Andy and Doug got on so well so us two girls were in our element. we spent hours sat on the sofa chatting about our funny past, and about how exciting the future is. The boys snuck away to rent some fishing rods and attempt to fish.....obviously failing!!! hehe.

Our mini blog photo shoot:

 The boys were seriously focused!


Mini shoot continued...


mmmm que rico....

 Ugh they are so cute <3

The fish were too busy elsewhere, so we went and got ready for our night. Doug got ready as quick as he could so he could head back and try his luck one more time....still failing. I see a pattern here baby!

I read the other day that as a blogger you need to master the 'selfie' so I started my practice....

And off we went on our journey. I am going to be honest now, this isn't the type of place you want to go to if you are pinching your pennies. Just to get into this beautiful party there is a $20 entrance charge for adults, $15 for under 21s and something like $10 for children under 12. So if you have a family keep this in mind, because that doesn't get you anything but a pass inside. The drinks are pricy as well but I guess thats a good thing so you don't end up on your face too early in the night hehe.

The layout is exactly what you would imagine from a Keys type of beach party. There is a live band entertaining with music for everyone, a BBQ tent, fire dancers and jugglers, small fire pits to sit around, ALOT of wooden chairs scattered on the sand. Tikki torches give off romantic lighting, while the moon shines brightly in the sky. If you get there early enough you can have dinner at Morada Bay cafe or if your feeling a bit more posh, you can reserve a table at Pierres which is the elite side of the party(at the door it is $30 if you want to party with the rich kids)....they are separate restaurants but both beautifully beachy.

We arrived after after the sun set so the kitchen at Morada bay had already closed. We grabbed a table and got some burgers and ceviche from the BBQ tent. Kayla had the ceviche and said it was very nice but a bit too spicy, and our burgers were pretty standard. 

Drinks are pretty pricy so we decided to share these big hunch punches. They are $20 each and you get to keep your masson jar and you get a glow stick. Yes a glow stick isn't that exciting (when your an adult) but when there is nothing but natural lighting around it actually is a fun little light.

The Moon being all shy at her own party

 Doug loves to wrap himself around trees...


Andys best face ever

It was too dark to get any good pics but you get the idea here.

Getting our Spice Girl on...

The cute love birds!!! I love seeing my friends happy and these two are the real deal =)

This is Pierres....the cool kid side....

Later in the night everyone is mesmerized by a Bahamian band. When I went 3 years ago, they were so enchanting that I just HAD to get their information for future events. Lucky for me Doug proposed the following month so I knew I NEEDED them at our wedding. And they came! they helped us bring in the New Year in style. Here is a brief video of what they sound like.

They parade through the whole beach and weave inside the restaurant and back our again. Taking everyone along with them. The music literally goes into your system. Andy kept saying he couldnt stop dancing haha. Kayla and I just followed and danced our typical 'African' style we seem to do everywhere we go. You truly feel completely under a spell. It is one of the best feelings ever.

They even put on a fireworks show over the water. See, you get your moneys worth!

Tweedle-D and Tweedle-Dumb hahah

Our massive drinks didnt seem to do anything to us. So feeling the rush from the Band we decided to go for a $5 shot. Without using our hands....

The Fire Performers gave us a fabulous show. We found a nice little sofa bed to lay on right by the water with a great view of everything going on.

Kayla and I decided we wanted to go dance in Pierres. So we put on our best puppy face and asked the door man if he would let us go in for atleast one dance. We've still got it! We were in and  of course as if we planned it perfectly, a Shakira song came on. Our hips were not lying to anyone.....we danced like it was our job haha. While all of this was happening, Doug and Andy were up to NO good outside.  Note to self: dont leave boys unattended near fire!!! I dont have any pictures but a good little video to show you what they got up to.


The Bahamian band came back out for another parade so the fire dancers went to join the crowd. The boys clearly saw this as an opportunity to practice some fire moves. Andy showed Doug his skills and they were almost crying with laughter when we returned to them.

We then joined the band for one last hoorah

 Me and Kaylita had such a great bonding night. I hope all of you get to go at some point in your lives!!!

Mind you, Andy was our designated driver so he was sober this whole time!!! He is just a lover of life and a very good entertainer haha. 

As you can see here....

Overall it was a night full of laughter, sweat, music, drinks, food, and lots of fun.

Word of Advice
For the ladies: Try and wear something very light and short if u can because it gets SO hot!! and wear your hair up or natural because frizz and sweaty hair is what you will experience if not. Also spray yourselves very well with big spray and you will be glad you did. This is an event for anyone. Bring blankets if you want to relax on the sand!


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