Friday, 2 August 2013

Marriage 101.0

It seems to be that all we hear from adults (when talking about marriage) is the overused "Marriage is hard work." Bla bla bla.... No one really tells you much about the good stuff it's usually the negative. I consider myself totally blessed because I was matched up with my perfect counterpart.  I believe people are just way too impatient and seriously comfortable these days. When they get a little worked up about something, they take it out on their spouse. When instead you should use your spouse as your rock...or your paper....or your scissor? See where I'm going with this.....

I don't really want to give away all my secrets to a succesful marriage (mind you, I am not a pro) bc I kind of like bragging about my beautiful relationship...but since you take the time to click on my link and spend a pointless few minutes reading my blog, I figured you were worthy enough to be let in on this easy, fun marriagehood secret...

Life as a kid is as simple as it gets. Playground problems are usually resolved with competitions like who can run faster, or who can skip more monkey bars at a time, who's mom gave them the better treats......pretty simple stuff if you ask me. Anyway I know you are itching to know my little secret, so here it goes.

Have you picked up on it yet? Rock, Paper, Scissors!!!! 

How is this going to resolve things? Well if you have an ounce of humour or fun in your body then this will always keep you and your lover on the cute silly level. Which we all know a lot of people lose pretty quickly when 'Life' gets in the way.

I am unsure how Doug and I came to these terms, but we have been doing it since early on. If we are sat on the sofa and I ask to watch Gossip Girl, but he wants to watch Top Gear...we have that moment of huff and puff where I am about to get all "woman" on him (not literally ON him....that would be a whole different blog post haha) and I want to start nagging and whinging (English for complaining,) Doug instantly throws out his ROCK. Does not speak a word just puts a fist out in front. Let me tell you, I am a pretty competitive girl and this just makes me feel like i'm back at Powder Puff Junior year trying to beat the Senior girls...Anyway, so I turn to face him and am SO ready to kill any of his throws. Our way of playing is Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot. On shoot is when u throw your weapon. For a while he would pretty much always win, but I have gotten so good that sometimes it takes us like 4 goes for someone to win. We are like a machine.

The trick to this however, is you must be willing to cannot then cry about it and start a fight because you have lost. This is a very fair way for someone to get their way. It can be applied to anything, here are a few ideas:

- Picking a movie
- Making dinner
- Cleaning the kitchen
- Changing the babies diaper
- Choosing a restaurant
- Holiday location
- Getting me a drink from the kitchen
- Letting the dog out when you are comfortably snuggling

Basically any little things that cause us to bicker daily. Bickering can be fun but it causes wrinkles and moments of bitterness within us. Aint nobody got time for that. 

So now that you have read this, I suggest you give it a weeks try and get back to me on it. This can even be a fun way to get young siblings (or grown ones too) to not fight over pointless things. Make it work for you. Always remember life is too short to get mad at your husband for leaving the toilet seat up every day or having to pick up his socks off the floor after he gets home from work. People have bad habits and I am sure you have your own. So think twice before you scrunch up your face in anger at petty things. Love them for who they are and ask them to do things in a nicer manner and maybe they will actually do it. 

Good Luck!

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