Saturday, 31 August 2013

To be Fifteen

In the latin culture it is tradition to celebrate your fifteenth birthday as an introduction into society. I suppose back in the day at Fifteen you were of age to be courted by potential husbands. Thankfully that is not the case these days. I am NOT ready for my little chikki to be taken away by any husband.

So Erika is the baby of the bunch and the last to turn of age for the big bash. My mother is known for her superb skills in party planning. Not only are all her events completely gorgeous, they are always a night to remember. Incredible food, the best flower arrangements, colors, textures, and always A LOT of people. She is def in the wrong career. But that is between you and me...

Erikas actual birthday was in March. However, no one was in town for that time of year. So we all agreed August was the appropriate time. I somehow managed to convince Mum and Angela to come for a few days and surprise Doug. We somehow kept the secret all the way to the day of their arrival. Dougs niece Emma also joined the bunch. Im afraid now they will never want to miss one of our parties again!

Lets begin with the dessert table...(please excuse my lousy photos, they are all from cell phones)

Seriously?! and let me tell you that ALL of those cakes disappeared from the table. No one left any signs of cake left behind.

How about the flower arrangements...

Yes you are probably thinking "this is for a fifteenth birthday!?!??!" but really its a family event. It is a big mix of her friends and old family friends. So everyone gets to enjoy it.

Me putting her crown in place. Isn't she so gorgeous.

Erika and Fredo, her boyfriend/dance partner. It is tradition for the birthday girl to pick 14 girlfriends and their partners and they all do a waltz together as the opening of the night.

Its kinda cool because my fifteens were at this same hotel and Britt and Dani danced in mine and kayla came to the party! hehe

My hot date.

Another member of my court.

A blurry pic but still my beautiful mum 

I have finally come up with a title for these two. Franz and Zsuzsi are our husband and wife couple. I came to the conclusion that every married couple should have a husband and wife couple that is like their parters in crime. These two are our ride or die crew.

Claudia was also one of the girls in my court

Another latin tradition is to have what they call an "hora loca" (crazy hour). Where a band of some sort comes in for a little and just livens up the party. They are usually some sort of Island or Brazilian band. People hire entertainers to teach dances like samba to the guests. Its just a fun way to get everyone involved. During all this they throw around masks and hats and ties all in crazy colors and sizes. Remember the band from the full moon party? Well they were our crazy hour again!!!

This is one of my fav pics of the night:

As the night ended we were all bummed because we were so not ready to be finished! We were all staying in the hotel so all the youngens walked over to a local bar called The Bar...real creative haha. Here is my end of the night model session...

Then I saw this picture and it was pretty much the only one taken of Doug and I and i just thought it was so cute.

What a night it was. We danced, we drank,  we socialized, we celebrated Erikas growing up. We honestly had such a fabulous evening I wish we could go back and do it again.

I love you Chikki!!!


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