Thursday, 8 August 2013

Plaid & Flats

Last weekend was probably MY craziest weekend in a long time. And by crazy I pretty much mean I stayed up passed my regular bed time. I love my sleep. Not in the sleep till 1pm kind of way though. More like the go to bed early, have a full nights rest, and wake up with enough time to do anything you need the next day way. Since my school days I was always in bed early. If I didn't have any homework or tv show to watch, or friends to chat with on AIM.....(wow, AIM!) I would just hit the sack by 9pm. I know, I am a rebel without a cause. 

Anyway, so Friday night was a splendid chill reunion of my high school peeps. Where we drank, laughed, reminisced and shared stories of the years I have been absent from all their lives! The host Heather was actually my fav basketball team mate when I was in 6th grade and she was in 8th. We bonded recently because I did her hair and she approved of my skills =) It was Tylers birthday and she was having a group of people over as a little surprise. I am so glad Doug and I made it. Doug fit in rather well i'd say!

 Here are random photos of the evening...

The hostess Heather

Birthday boy and Amber releasing a lantern. I have always wanted to do one of these so bad. and this night was the perfect first time.

First timers.

We sang happy Birthday to Tyler and dug into the yummy chocolate cake. 

I carried on my catch up chats outside with everyone completely forgetting that I had work the next morning. Karly came out and told me it was 2:08AM!!! So I decided it was time to hit the hay and call it a night. I easily could have spent hours in conversation. And goodnight it was.


I haven't seen Dani since the Rascal Flats concert. That is just crazy. So she and I decided a little happy hour was necessary. After a long day at the salon this seemed like a nice idea. I got Britt involved and we headed to Tarpon Bend in Coral Gables for an early dinner and one happy hour drink (which obvi means two) Britt and I said we would have an early night because we were tired and bla bla. Lucky for me, Doug dropped me off on his way to Brickell. 

Us being silly with our 2 for 1 wines.

Once we were ready to head out, I caught a ride with Britt and convinced her to join me for a little to meet up with the boys. Feeling the wine sink into our system we both concurred that we could do with another drink....we have a very similar alcohol tolerance. That being very low!!! So a third glass made us act silly and giggly. As you can see... We haven't had a night like this in a long time so it was actually so lovely.

We decided our night was not due to end so we seperated from the men and went on to Brother Jimmys. Which was dead. BUT they had reverse happy hour which started at 10... we became friendly with the bartender Eddie, whome I obviously had to drunkenly take a photo with lol. Mind you I was using my Mini iPad to take these! haha. 

Yes that was our tab =)

Britt called it a night after her second drink. I met back up with Doug who easily convinced me to go to Mansion night club in South Beach. Our friend Franz hooks it up in most night clubs! I figured it was a great idea....even though I was wearing MK flats, high waisted shorts and a purple plaid button down.....WHY!

I gathered myself and acted like I owned the place and no one really acknowledged my ensemble. Thank God. No one wears flats to Mansion hahah.

We walked right in. No cover charge, VIP, Free drinks...twas a splendid night!!! I danced my little flats off and enjoyed the Dj that I don't know.

Me and Zsuzsi! My south beach partner in crime these days.

Mansion has been revamped and I hadn't seen it since. It feels like a totally different place! 

Naked dancers adorned the ceilings. Dancing and entertaining to the music. They handed out these light up foam sticks that were pretty frikkin cool. So I raved on and on.

We slept in on sunday and then enjoyed a gorgeous day by the pool at Britt and Kaylas apartment. and stopped at my new love Shake Shack for a burger and shake. A blog post on that will happen soon.

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