Thursday, 15 August 2013

M.I.A...Get your Spice on

Hi!!! Sorry I have been so bad at posting these last few weeks. Work has picked up like crazy because everyone is going back to school. Oh school.....I do miss those days sometimes. Having no care in the world other than turning in homework and hanging out with your friends. Now we have bills to pay, our men to take care of, cars to keep in check, buy our own clothes!!! (that one hurts) I wonder who invented the whole growing up thing. I do love being a young adult but I can just imagine things get more and more hectic as the years stick to you. C'est la vie.

So I started a Tumblr. I am still unsure how to use it. And I am unsure if I want to share it with anyone or just be a total anon!

So as for my title, MIA can either mean missing in action or Miami...and since I have def been missing in action I thought it was appropriate. Also in Miami right now they are doing Miami Spice, which is a fabulous way to check out those lavish restaurants that your little pay check just cant seem to stretch to. The participating restaurants establish a set menu where you can choose from 3 options on a Starter, Main, and Dessert. All for prices as low as $19 for lunch and $30-40 for dinners. It truly is a bargain. It is a great way to test out a restaurant and see if it is worth your while next time. Grab your girlfriends, your sisters, your new love interest, your mom, your friends in town and get all glammed up and enjoy a fabulous dining experience without breaking the bank. Imagine, you can afford to get an extra glass of wine or even a bottle with the money you save.

Doug and I went last weekend with Franz and Zsuzsi and Franzs sister Tabitha. Our restaurant of choice was Ortanique on the Mile. I can't say our experience was amazing or even close to it but the food was delicious and the service was pretty spot on. We booked a table for 8:30. Doug and I decided we would get dressed to the nines and get there early for a drink at the bar. We arrive around 8 and went for a drink at another bar because the rest hadn't arrived yet. at 8:30 we went in to Ortanique to find our table was not ready so we made our way to the bar still waiting for our party. We did not get sat till 9...thankfully Franz was late or I really would have been complaining at the fact that our reservation was pointless. 

The night we went was a special night because the chef owner was running the kitchen. She created her own menu for the night. The starters were between a salad, lobster ravioli, and mushroom soup. The lobster raviolis had run out so they gave the option of ceviche in its place. I went with the salad. it was good. Nothing memorable. The choices for mains were steak with mushroom sauce, salmon, and another fish option. Doug and I hate mushrooms and they didn't even give us an alternative sauce for the steak. So I asked for it on the side to at least avoid the actual mushrooms. Now the part that really made me sad...they had Sticky Toffee Pudding as one of the dessert options. So with my absolute love of sticky toffee pudding I instantly got ridiculously happy. But of course....they ran out.....Do you not think that if pretty much every table in your restaurant is going to be ordering from a small menu that you would have enough of the better, more popular options?? I was immediately deflated once the waiter announced the news. I went with the bread pudding which I really didn't enjoy at all.  

Another good thing was the Mojitos we ordered. I don't normally order them because they are too sweet but these were made with dark rum and I absolutely loved it!! I told the waiter to surprise me with a drink and he got it spot on.

Tabi and I caught in action

This whole post seems very negative about this restaurant lol. Maybe I am just a picky diner. We had a great evening because we were in great company. The bar tender and the server were both very professional and took great care of us.

By the way, one thing I really dislike about Miami is that people go to nice restaurants wearing a t-shirt and sneakers!!! What is that about? I believe these places should have a slight dress code. 

 So my dear readers, dress up in your best shoes, your cutest dress (or best suit) and grab someone to go out with! Get spiced! ;)

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